When is the next election?

November 3rd 2020.

Can an unaffiliated voter get on the ballot for the November General election?

Yes, provided the individual has fulfilled the requirements for a successful petition and filed with the Board of Elections by

Can I change my party affiliation before filing for a partisan office?

No person shall be permitted to file as a candidate in a party primary unless that person has been affiliated with that party for at least 90 days as of the date of that person filing such notice of candidacy (per NC G.S. 163A-977)

Candidate Information

Before you get started as a candidate there are a few things you should know:

  • You must be registered with the party you want to file with for at least 90 days as the date of filing

  • it is advised that you open a separate bank account other than your personal one


  • Filing fees over $50.00 must be paid by check or money order

Designate a treasurer

  • Cannot be a spouse

  • Has to live in NC

  • Has to complete a treasurer training class within four months of filing


Do you think you will spend and/or receive more than $1,000 during the election cycle?



  • Have to keep up with all money spent and received

  • Have to file reports with the office every quarter


  • Have to keep up with all money spent and received

  • Does not have to file reports


Campaign Finance Tips

  • Do not spend more than $50.00 in cash(that includes filing fee)

  • Do not use personal debit/credit cards

  • Need a legend on large signs, newspaper ads, business cards, etc.

  • No pass the hat

  • Have to have Name, Address, Employer, Job Title on each contributor

  • No contributions from businesses

  • All media expenditures must be paid by check or other verifiable form of payment


What is a contribution?

  • Any amount of money

  • Anything of value given to the committee

  • Someone buying the committee anything (ad, sign, etc)




  • Candidate campaign finance manual

  • Rebecca at office

Phone: (828)389-6812

Fax: (828)389-3757

Elections Board Main Office

54 Church Street

Hayesville, NC 28904

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